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About Me:

Chef Mike Miller is a private chef, health coach, and content creator who currently lives in Los Angeles, California. 

In addition to designing health and lifestyle programs for his clients, he also works closely with brands to create beautiful and targeted content both for his own social media platforms, as well as the Brand’s.

On his Youtube channel, Chef puts out funny, entertaining and informative content in the world of food, health and fitness including his cooking series “Real Chef Tips”.  

He is also the host of “The Realest: Podcast”, a longer form audio experience touching on Chef’s opinions on all of the week’s current hot topics. The podcast is also an opportunity for subscribers to call in and ask for advice, propose questions and share their experiences with Chef Mikie and the growing community. 

In his spare time, Chef serves as a youth mentor for kids in South Central, Los Angeles, alongside his good friend’s nonprofit organization, “Redeye Inc”.  Find more information on Instagram @realchefmikie , @redeyeinc as well as

My Story:

Chef Mikie grew up in a very small town called  “Northampton”, Pennsylvania.  


From an early age, Chef was the center of attention.    


From the time he was able to speak, you could find him running around the house impersonating Jim Carrey movies, entertaining family members, guests, and more often than not, annoying the hell out of his sister.


Looking back on his life, he admits that something along the way made him lose that child-like silliness to life. An adolescence of intensely competitive wrestling eventually wore off on him and made him doubt that a future in entertainment was even an option.

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After high school he remained behind the scenes, pursuing a career as a Chef. Shocker. For nearly a decade, Chef held basically every position you could have in the restaurant business.  Eventually he would be working under a powerful celebrity chef names like Emeril Lagasse and Gordon Ramsay, but he started out in a tattered bowling alley bar taking orders, cooking the cheesesteaks and even washing the dishes.  


After finally taking the leap and moving to Los Angeles, Chef Mikie had been working for years as the Executive Chef of a meal prep start up before he got a taste of what it was like to pursue a greater purpose.  Seemingly out of the blue, Chef was invited to volunteer with a youth mentor program in South Central, Los Angeles and he immediately realized that the restaurant industry was a dead end.  


From that day forth it was clearly evident that there was much more to this life, and it was undoubtedly worth chasing. He began to formulate his life around the concept of giving, rather consuming.  


It was also during this time that Chef began to notice severe decline in his physical and mental performance.  After being submerged in the “health food” world for the first time in his life, he began to realize that everything he had ever been told as far as diet and nutrition was completely wrong.  

After consuming hundreds of hours of books, podcasts and scientific research in order to find the truth, he began to reverse all of his symptoms and get his health back on track.  Once he saw the mountain of difference he could make in his own life, he was ready to help others do the exact same thing.  


The past 6 years of Chef’s life have been devoted towards bettering himself, bettering others and documenting his journey along the way.  

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